It’s your birthday, and instead of the usual club or bar hopping party, you decided to take a group of your friends to play an escape room. You think you know these people; they’re your best friends! You dormed with Steve back at Pace. You’ve known Stacy since Mrs. Benson’s 9th grade Intro to Computers class. You became friends with Drew and Tom after all those years playing soccer together. They are your people. But how well do you really know them? In the high pressure environment of an escape room, our truest selves can’t help but come out, and you might just end up looking at your friends in a whole other light. Here are the 5 different personality types you might come across while being locked up inside a room for an hour:


  1. The Bossy One — We all have that Type A friend who needs to have complete control of the situation at all times. When you’re locked up in a strange place with only one hour to escape, it’s their time to shine. The Bossy One might suggest that you all split up and delegate tasks. He or she might stand watch over the clue monitor and read each one out loud. It’s not clear whether The Bossy One is an asset or a detriment to the team, but they will always be heard.
  2. The Wuss — This is the friend you invited last minute and didn’t have enough time to familiarize themselves with the game. The only thing they know about escape rooms is that Big Bang Theory episode in which the gang escapes from a zombie room in 5 minutes, so what they’re expecting is less of an immersive puzzle game and more of a haunted house. The Wuss stands in a corner of the room, looking over and refusing to touch everything. When everyone crowds around a lock they are about to open, The Wuss may wring their hands and scream when a trap door opens. You try to get The Wuss involved by giving them the key to open a door, which they’ll unlock, but ask someone else to open. This isn’t necessarily your most valuable player, but their reactions to everything make the game fun and you’re glad you invited them for that.
  3. The One Who Has No Idea What’s Going On — The escape room is still a novel idea to many and that can make it a difficult game, but there is always the one person who doesn’t pay attention to the introduction and has no idea what they are doing. In fact, the first words out of this person’s mouth will probably be, “What are we even supposed to be doing?” despite the fact that everyone else is hard at work doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. The One Who Has No Idea What’s Going On will most likely find a seat halfway into the game and pull out their phone. Always putting in a good effort, that guy.
  4. The Aggressive One — This person is the reason why we have to stress that our puzzles require no more than one arm strength. For whatever reason, The Aggressive One thinks that the game is more active than it is logical and when the adrenaline kicks in, oh boy does it kick in. The Aggressive One might lose sight of the fact that in order to move forward in the game, they must use logic over strength and pull a bolted cabinet off the wall. They might also lose sight of the game altogether and just start trying to kick the door down once panic sets in. Like The Wuss, The Aggressive One isn’t going to be your strongest player despite being the strongest human, but they add their own little flavor to the game.

The Quiet One Who Solves Everything — There is always one chosen one. The one who makes up for everyone else’s shortcomings. The one who goes in to do just one thing: escape. The Quiet One Who Solves Everything will at first step back and absorb the room. Then once they get going, blazes a trail of opened locks throughout the room. Every clue looks like it was written for them because they’ll read it and immediately understand what to do. While everyone is shouting out wrong answers, The Quiet One will whisper the right one and open the lock themselves after every else has given up. The Quiet One comes in with the clutch while The Bossy One is screaming, The Wuss is crying, The One Who Has No Idea What’s Going On is playing Tetris, and The Aggressive One is using their head as a battering ram on the door. And even though they solved most of the puzzles, The Quiet One will attribute the team’s success to everyone involved.