CHAPTER 2: Biotech Labs


While investigating Edward’s disappearance, Biotech Labs did not cooperate with your detective team. Your team decides to search Biotech Labs without a warrant. With the security system disabled for one hour, your team is given a chance to sneak in to search the space for evidence, specifically a data disk. Upon entering, the security system initiates its reactivation and locks the door, forcing your team to find a way to escape the nebulous organization called Biotech Labs.

Our escape game follows a nonlinear storyline. You DO NOT need to play them in order. You will not be at a disadvantage for not playing the other chapters. Players that have played an escape game before will be pleased to know that each of our chapters are different in play style and 100% different in the types of puzzles within.

This chapter is located at 365 7th Avenue NY, NY 10001 (2nd floor). We’re located between W 30th Street and W 31st Street on 7th avenue, diagonal from Madison Square Garden.

Restaurants/Bars around us:
Feeling hungry before/after playing our escape game? Our Midtown location is near Madison Square Garden, Penn Station, and Koreatown (KTown).

BCD Tofu House located at 5W 32nd St (Ktown)
This place opens 24 hours so you don’t have to worry about what time your escape game ends, it’ll still be opened! They give you many small Korean side dishes, including a full fried fish, which are all tasty! As the name suggests, the tofu is great here but they also have the other traditional Korean dishes that are good as well such as Kalbi and Bibimbap.

Pioneers located at 138 W 29th St
This is a bar lounge type of venue. What is unique about it is that they have a wide variety of board games, pinball machines, and they also provide free popcorn! They do not serve food though so be sure you had a bite before coming here.

Keens Steakhouse located at 72 W 36th St
Many people often compare this to Peter Lugers. Which is better? You’ll have to decide for yourself. The decor is amazing and it’s actually the second oldest steakhouse in the city. Definitely on the pricey range but it is a steak that is on par if not better than Peter Lugers!

Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong located at 1 E 32nd St (Ktown)
If you are a meat lover, this is a perfect place for you to go for Korean BBQ. They also have a great ventilation system so you don’t smell smoky afterward (which is typical at most Korean BBQs). Their meat is well marinated and the sauce they provide is definitely an improvement upon many of the other places in Koreatown. Unfortunately, they do not accept reservation and the wait is quite long so you would need to plan ahead.

Roll & Katsu Kitchen located at 11 W 32nd St (Inside the Ktown food court)
If you want a quick bite, then you’ll want to come here. This is a no frills restaurant located in the food court. They have a wide variety of unique rolls for an affordable price, as well as the typical katsu choices which is a breaded deep fried meat.