CHAPTER 3: Cafe Belim


This game is private (your group only) if you purchase for 6 or more tickets/players.
Cafe Belim was the place to go. It was a frequent gathering spot for Artists, Musicians, Students. Despite its success, the doors to such a paradise came to a close as the owner disappeared without a word. Detective Grant sent your team to investigate the cafe as there were reports of unexplained illnesses. Quarantined in the room due to the biohazard risk, you will have an hour to uncover what could have caused the cafe to close in addition to escaping the room.

Our escape game follows a nonlinear storyline. You DO NOT need to play them in order. You will not be at a disadvantage for not playing the other chapters. Players that have played an escape game before will be pleased to know that each of our chapters are different in play style and 100% different in the types of puzzles within.

This chapter is located at 365 7th Avenue NY, NY 10001 (2nd floor). We’re located between W 30th Street and W 31st Street on 7th avenue, diagonal from Madison Square Garden.

Cafés around us:
Arrived early to ensure you wouldn’t lose out on game time? You can stop by any of the following real cafés, especially if you aren’t fully awake or alert to escape! (Unfortunately, no beverages will be served at Cafe Belim)

Starbucks located at 370 7th Ave (across the street from us)
With plenty of seats, open from 5:30 a.m. till 11p.m. they’re there to relieve you from whatever coffee/caffeine fix you need. There also happens to be 2 other ones within a block radius from our location if this one is somehow full!

Caffe Bene located at 39 W 32nd St (near the NQR subway station in Ktown)
Everything tastes pretty sweet at Caffe Bene, but if you’re in the mood for a quick snack/dessert, stop by here. They’re known for their waffles, which can be topped with various fruits. They have the standard cafe drinks and special fruit flavored frappes.

Gregorys Coffee located at 874 6th Ave (near Ktown)
They’re known for their cold brew and the coffee they have is strong and rich. It isn’t a big chain (yet) but they’re comparable to some of the other independent coffee places around the city.

Cafe Hanamizuki located at 143 W 29th St
They have a very clean look, but more importantly, provide delicious carbohydrates when you’re just feeling a bit hungry but don’t want a big meal. Try the various rice balls they serve here! They also serve cold beer and light soups to quench your thirst. Most people also get the Matcha Roll Cake there.