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CHAPTER 4: Forgotten Library


Following a series of clues, you’re led to believe that this private collection of books was home to a more sinister deed. Your team of detectives will need to act fast as the structure shakes from its old age. As you enter the forgotten library, you will have an hour to uncover the mystery hidden in the space. Will you escape or will you become a relic of the past, becoming forgotten yourself?

Our escape game follows a nonlinear storyline. You DO NOT need to play them in order. You will not be at a disadvantage for not playing the other chapters. Players that have played an escape game before will be pleased to know that each of our chapters are different in play style and 100% different in the types of puzzles within.

This chapter is located at 190 Mercer Street, NY NY 10012 (located on the ground floor, down a few steps) We’re located between West Houston Street and Bleecker Street.

Food options around us:
Need to refill on energy before our escape room game? Our Downtown location is right at the NoHo SoHo split.

The Press Shop located at 74 Bleecker St
You can drop by here for a quick bite before the game. They have a variety of sandwich options and if you want to build your own, you’re more than certainly welcome! They have a good selection of meats and cheeses to put into your sandwich, and even have the Vietnamese Banh Mi!

KITH Treats located at 644 Broadway
At first glance, you may be thinking that Nike must have released another limited edition sneaker with all the people lining up. Don’t be fooled, they’re most likely lining up to get a tasty treat at KITH Treats! Within the shoe store, KITH Treats sells ice cream, cereal bowls and even smoothies.

Jane located at 100 W Houston St
Looking for a brunch place before our game? Try Jane for some traditional American food and Modern European cuisine. They have all the standard items: Fries, Eggs Benedict, French Toast, etc. We would recommend getting a reservation first as they tend to fill up.

Lure Fishbar located at 142 Mercer St
As the name implies, Lure Fishbar has a good selection of seafood related dishes! Aside from just getting raw oysters, you can try their specials as they rotate their menu regularly. The dishes are on the small side though so you can try out a variety of items on their menu or drop by for a quick bite.

Burger & Barrel Winepub located at 25 W Houston St
B & B Winepub is good for a quick bite, a birthday celebration, and other such large gatherings. They have a good variety of burgers and drinks but naturally have a variety of other finger snacks as well!