Things Not to Do at an Escape Room Game

When teams play an escape room game for the first time, their creativity is boundless. Is this nail a clue? Is there a clue written behind this furniture? Can I get a clue from unscrewing this lightbulb? In a real life situation, anything you can touch, move, break and manipulate can help you escape. However, in an escape room game, there are limitations to some of the actions you can perform as the game does need to eventually be reset for the next team.

1) Kicking the door down

While this is probably the quickest way to get out of any room, physical violence is probably the last way to solve an escape room game. Kicking down the door is the equivalent of smashing every mirror at a house of mirrors attraction.

2) Being a bossy leader

Some comments your teammates make may sound bizarre or even crazy, but sometimes there is method in madness especially in an escape game. Its important to communicate and share ideas, otherwise sometimes the most obvious clues may be missed simply because someone dismissed it as useless!

3) Hogging the clues/props

Spent 10 minutes wondering what the purpose of an item was? Pass it to a teammate and explain what you thought of it. Sometimes it takes a fresh eye to make sense of the situation.

4) Climbing on furniture

We assure you, there isn’t anything in the ceiling or clues written at a height that only Shaq could see.

5) Unscrewing everything

We have no doubt that you’re an expert at using a screwdriver, powertools and a saw, but this is an escape room game, not home improvement!

6) Having one too many

One drink two drink three drink too many. While it is amusing to poke your friends as they’re passed out on the floor, it most definitely is not a good idea to have extra drinks before coming to play. Friends that are intoxicated will be the hardest puzzle you’ll have to solve.

7) Overthinking

You do not need a PhD to solve our puzzles. We’re happy that you know all the presidents of the United States and the age they retired at but you’ll not be needing additional knowledge outside of the information within the game itself.