While we design our escape rooms to have physical pieces that players interact with to learn the story, here are a few popular text based riddles and logic puzzles that you can share with others! If you’re not able to solve them, don’t worry! The riddles are just for fun and have nothing to do with our escape game.

No Escape

At a crime scene, a man was found lying dead on the street in front of a newly constructed vacant building in a popular part of town. Based on the position the body is in and the amount of damage from the fall, the police believe that he had jumped out of the building and committed suicide. A lead detective was called in to take over the case.

The detective asks his team to collect evidence and check to see if they can find anything on the body to help them solve the case. The team finds a note that says that the man wanted an escape from life. A maintenance staff member who was doing repairs on the roof said that he didn’t see anyone on the roof. The detective then heads into the building for more evidence. He goes to the first floor and towards the room that is facing the street. Inside the room, he lights a cigarette, walks towards the window facing the dead body, opens the window and throws out the cigarette. He then goes to the second floor and repeats the same process.

He keeps doing the same thing till he is done with all the floors and then takes the lift to the ground floor. Upon reaching there, he informs the team that it is not a suicide but a murder.
While the whole team is shocked to hear the revelation, the detective lights another cigarette and takes a hard puff. How do you think he used logic to find out that it was a not a suicide?

Highlight this black box for a hint:

Think about how it is possible to die from a fall.


The window facing the dead body was closed in each room on every floor of the building. The detective had to open the window himself to throw out his cigarette. If the victim had committed suicide, at least one window would have been open.

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Last Message

A detective is called upon on a crime scene. A woman had been killed at a bowling game and there are only three suspects to the murder, the three people who were present on the scene.
Alice, the best friend of the victim.
Daisy, who was accompanying Alice.
Jonah, who was running the bowling alley.
The victim had scribbled a bloody note on the floor, which read: ‘Second of January, Third of July, Fourth of April, Second of October, Fourth of December’
The note was all the detective needed to find out who was the killer. Follow the detective’s logic and figure out who was the killer.

Highlight this black box for a hint:

You need to think literally, it’s a code.


If you take the second letter of January, third letter of July etc. you spell ALICE

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The Stranger

In a tiny hotel, a man was sleeping when he heard a knock on the door. He shifted the blanket and slowly got out from his bed. He walked to the door and opened it to find a stranger standing outside. Upon opening the door the stranger apologized, “Pardon me, I must have made a mistake. I thought this was my room.” The stranger then walked down the corridor and pressed the button for the elevator. The man closed the door and immediately called the security. He asked them to arrest that stranger immediately.
Why did he asked them to arrest that stranger? What made him suspicious?

Highlight this black box for a hint:

Think about your routine when you go into a room.


The stranger said that he thought the room was his. If so, he must have had the keys to the room, there would not be a point in knocking.

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Parting Gift

A homicide team enters a crime scene where a dead body of a woman lies there on the floor with blood oozing out of her head. The victim is holding a gun, and a tape recorder lies there by her side in the room she is in. One of the detectives picks up the recorder and presses play. “I am tired of this life and I have decided to relieve myself from the worldly pains with a quick escape”. A gunshot follows the message and it is silent afterward. The teams starts investigating a murder investigation. Why?

Highlight this black box for a hint:

The tape recorder is a cassette tape recorder.


The detective just pressed play, he didn’t rewind the tape. Someone alive must have done it.