A team may have that friend whom we rely on for many things (or maybe that friend is you!). When it comes to playing an escape game though, it is more fun if everyone is able to contribute in some way. How do we ensure that happens? In our escape game we design around these concepts, to make sure even a team of strangers become the best of friends by the end of the game.

1) We provide opportunities for our players to want to share ideas.

Maybe you just unlocked a trap door. Maybe you found some strange item. We want our players to naturally feel excited and willing to share with the team what they found. Imagine finding a $100 bill on the floor. While you won’t find one in our game (unless you’re “searching” another player’s wallet), that is the level of excitement we design around.


2) We want unique and creative ideas to be rewarded.

Sometimes the “smartest” people are not the most creative. In a group however, different ideas will arise and we want our players to be able to act upon them (unless that involves kicking down the door). We construct opportunities in our game for players who have a creative idea to be able to execute them and we reward them with another item or clue needed to help the team to escape.


3) We want solo mode players to realize the importance of their teammates.

Sometimes a player may get so into the game that they forget they have teammates. Our game requires players to eventually be forced to regroup with the other team mates to share their findings. Solo mode players will not have the time to gather all the sufficient parts or knowledge necessary to progress.


4) We make sure that players with trivial knowledge won’t do any better.

You know that person who seems to know when George Washington was born, the exact quotes from various book authors, or maybe even how many times a person farts in their lifetime. We’re here to make sure that you’re not playing a game of Jeopardy! by ensuring all our game puzzles, story elements, and items are grounded in the story of the game itself. Outside trivia will not be needed and players will learn what they need to do by sharing what they discovered in the space in order to escape.