The majority of our staff at Mystery Room NYC are actors or entertainers, so our favorite part about this job — aside from the whole locking you up bit — is to interact with our guests. For those of you who have come to play with us, you know that our time to do that is limited. Once we get you into your rooms and there is a computer monitor separating us, we love to see you having fun with your teammates and we especially love when you try to interact with us, too.

Here are some things you do that make us really happy:

  1. Introducing yourself to the team — Once in a while, a game will be made up of multiple teams. Of course, as cluemasters, we’ll get the standard icebreaker game going (name, where you’re from, last 4 digits of your social security number), but we LOVE when players take the initiative to introduce themselves to the other groups. This is a team game and requires a lot of cooperation, so when we see this, we know you’re already off to a good start.
  2. Waving to the camera — In any given room, there are at least 2 cameras so we can creep on you big (brother) time. It is mostly in larger groups that we see this happening, but one person will find a camera and start waving at it. This prompts the rest of the group to follow suit. Yes, we are watching and think it’s super cute, but this is also a huge time waster, especially when waving turns into dancing.
  3. Saying ‘Thank you!” after we send you a clue — This is definitely not required at all; we are meant to be faceless clue gods. But boy does this warm our ice cold collective cluemaster heart.
  4. Asking us if you can help us reset the room — We will kindly decline as it is literally our job to reset rooms between games, but we will hear this maybe once or twice a month and each time it makes us want to cry. It may be a group of young students or a bunch of men in suits, who offer to help us clean up after they’ve ransacked the room. The second we hear those words, any negative feelings we might have felt about putting back drawers or locating keys vanish.
  5. Telling us you’ll come back to visit our other chapters — We love that our rooms are connected by a singular story thread. It’s what sets us apart from other escape rooms. So when we tell our guests about it, it’s really exciting to hear that we’ll be seeing them again to continue the adventure together.

Thanks for the laughs (with you, at you, it’s all the same right?), guys! Keep on rockin’.