Manhattan is the Mecca of style and poise. Turn every which way and you’ll see that the words “effortless” and “chic” can be used to describe nearly everyone on the street. And then there’s you — limping because you wore heels, drenched because you didn’t have an umbrella, and sweating because your phone died 2 hours ago.
Well, no more. Here are some tips to help you take on the streets of New York like a boss:

1) Ditch those heels

Yes, those pumps make your legs look like they do in your dreams, but we all know your toes are bleeding and shoes never look as cute when they’re hanging off your finger as you limp to the train. The best alternative? Literally anything else. Boot season has arrived in full swing so you can wear all the chunky heels and platforms your heart desires, giving you that little bit of height without killing your trotters. Also take advantage of this #normcore trend that makes it okay to wear dad shoes again. Rock sneakers that offer good foot support while still matching your style.

2) Rain or shine, an umbrella is a must.

I know. Your weather app said 60℉ and sunny skies. The weatherman told you to ditch the umbrella and go out in the sun. But he lied. It was all a lie. Because New York weather cannot be predicted. The only way to combat this is to have an umbrella with you at all times. Your best bet? A simple mini umbrella with an automatic open/close. And if you forget, you can absolutely find a street vendor selling them for $5, but those wires are definitely made out of baby bones because they will break at the first gust of wind. Better safe than sorry with this one.

3) Pimped out phone accessories

New York City’s map operates on a grid system, but that won’t stop you from pulling out your phone to look up directions or calling an Uber. This, on top of the countless texts you send, the instas you gram, the snaps you chat… Your phone is dead within a couple of hours. Carry a portable charger with you at all times, and don’t break a sweat. Another important phone accessory is the headphone. Be they earbuds, over-the-ear, noise cancelling (these are actually a little dangerous, do not recommend) headphones are vital to the average New Yorker’s wardrobe and lifestyle. The cool (almost mean) vibes that New Yorkers seem to give off comes naturally from years of practice, but you can easily manufacture this vibe by pulling on your favorite pair of headphones and refusing to make eye contact with anything but your own reflection. Show those Greenpeace activists you are not the one.

Of course, this isn’t all it takes to walk like a New Yorker. It takes years of almost getting run over by taxis, running after trains, and slowly suffocating the good parts of your soul to fully achieve the classic New York strut. But hopefully, with these tips, you’ll be one step closer to it.