Escape Room Game Custom Build

We've built custom escape room games for clients before ranging from big projects to small projects for various purposes. Most of our custom escape room build outs require at least 3 weeks of notice, though we have constructed ones with less technology and furniture pieces based on the client's needs. We have set up in pop up locations, private spaces, and even at convention centers like the Jacob Javits Center.

Custom Escape Room Game

This is an image from the custom room escape game we built for the New York Comic Con event in New York City.

When would you need a custom escape experience?

Reach your Target Goals

While our escape room experience is designed around our own storyline, we can help you meet your needs with a custom escape experience. We have designed games that allow smaller groups to work together and we have designed games that allow for huge volumes of players. Though escape room games normally are designed around smaller groups of players, we have experience designing it for much larger groups. There are ways we can make your game more visible to the public, and to allow for a much higher flow and volume of players.

High Immersion for the Players

We have designed these interactive experiences such that players can be fully immersed in the world you want them to enter. It doesn’t matter if it’s something naturally engaging like a TV show or if it is a product you want to showcase. We will work with you to create the world you want players to feel that they are a part of. The experiences we design allow players to learn more of the story, increase their level of engagement, and more importantly experience the most amount of fun.

Appropriate Difficulty Level

We are also able to adjust the difficulty of the game, even while the players are playing it. While a majority of our players are above 13, we have been able to provide an inclusive experience for all ages. Even if your age group is for children under 13, we have built in mechanisms and tricks to allow them to engage and develop their communication skills.

Please send us an email at describing what your project is about and your budget, and we can work with you to bring it to life!