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Mystery Room NYC is a small escape room company based only in NYC that creates an interactive environment that allows the players to feel immersed; as if they are the main character of a movie. We specialize in creating stories and puzzles that involve and connect the players from a first person perspective so that every player feels that they are one with the story we have created in the escape game.

The idea behind our escape room company is based on the lack of a story line in many room escape games. Often times the player is trapped and is forced to piece together random clues within the room, hoping they are the right ones to escape. We are here to create an escape experience that has meaningful puzzle pieces that help the participants construct the story as they are utilizing them in order to beat the clock to escape. Our escape game fosters team building as it forces the players to work together through our escape game design.


1) Most teams spend a lot of time repeating things out loud to make sure that everyone can hear their discoveries. Some discoveries that initially aren’t helpful, may become useful later. Sometimes this may lead to a lot of shouting so its helpful once in a while to regather as a team and be sure that you discussed your findings.

2) Many players are hesitant to search our space, scared of messing up the order of things. We do not design our escape game such that players can accidentally ruin the puzzle by moving around the items. Don’t worry, the items weren’t placed in a set place so that you could solve a puzzle by that specific order. If the order mattered, we would have another way for you to figure that out. Teams end up stuck on a puzzle at times because they didn’t search the space carefully enough to find items critical to solving the puzzle.

3) It may seem obvious, but when players are stuck, they sometimes resort to physical strength. However, often times this will only damage or break an item that may have been important in solving the puzzle. Violence is not the answer!

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You are a group of detectives, investigating a report of a missing employee named Edward Daniels. Gynecology, LabCorp, biohazard waste, his home seems to be located within a series of medical offices. As you enter his residence, the door locks and you realize that there is much more to his disappearance than you were led to believe… You will have an hour to escape the room. As you and your team find clues to liberate yourselves, you will slowly unravel the sinister story you are now a part of.

While investigating Edward's disappearance, Biotech Labs did not cooperate with your detective team. Your team decides to search Biotech Labs without a warrant. With the security system disabled for one hour, this gives your team a chance to sneak in to search the space for evidence, specifically a data disk. Upon entering, the security system initiates its reactivation and locks the door, forcing your team to find a way to escape the nebulous organization called Biotech Labs.

Cafe Belim was the place to go. Cafe Belim was a frequent gathering spot for Artists, Musicians, Students. Despite its success, the doors to such a paradise came to a close as the owner disappeared without a word. Detective Grant sent your team to investigate the cafe as there were reports of unexplained illnesses. Quarantined in the room due to the biohazard risk, you will have an hour to uncover what could have caused the cafe to close in addition to escaping the room.

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