Will you escape the room?

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Escape. As the room closes and locks, that is the thought that is running through everyone’s mind. You and your teammates have one hour to uncover the secrets of the room to escape. Why were you locked in? What happened in the room before you entered? Will you be able to use the clues and items in the room to find your way out or will the mystery stay hidden forever? Do you and your team have what it takes to escape? The teams that perform the best are the ones that listen to each other. In the one hour time span, you’ll learn more about your friends, make new friends, and hopefully escape!

We are located in Downtown Manhattan, in SoHo/NoHo and near Chinatown, St. Marks, and TriBeCa next to West Houston Street. Each chapter of our escape game is different so if you play all the chapters, you can definitely expect 100% of the puzzles and items that you encounter to be different! The chapters can be played in any order. Our escape game does not reuse any of the same puzzles, we provide a unique and different experience in each of the chapters of our game.



Why would you want to play an escape room game? Being trapped in a room is normally a frustrating experience, so what makes it fun? The difference between a fun escape room game and a bad one are the following things:

1) Teamwork
Our escape room designs all foster a natural need for players to share their ideas. Everything from the puzzle design, placement of tools, and even the mechanisms installed in the space, make it a necessity for our players to naturally collaborate and become the spark for a new perspective to tackle the situation.

2) Puzzles
An escape game wouldn't be a fun game without a challenge. However, the puzzles should be a test of wits and teamwork. Our escape game does not require trivial knowledge or outside props, everything your team needs will be provided within the space. The last thing you want to solve is a puzzle that requires a PhD with 3 years of job experience.

3) Story and alignment
When we develop an escape room, we start with the story first. Does it make sense for this to be in a cafe? Would a laboratory really have this? Without the story, what is the purpose of these items? The story should help guide players into thinking about how the tools may be used.

4) Tricks/Variety
An escape room that only has one type of locking mechanism will not be fun. We strive to design all our escape games to utilize different methods to secure vital items players need to collect and use in order to progress in the game. You will not see a room with only four digit combination locks in any of our games.